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Providing professional, experienced care assistance to help you maintain your independence in your own home.
We are here to help in whatever way you need, in a friendly, respectful manner.
You don’t have to go into a care home as we can provide any help that you require in your own home for 1 person or as a couple.


What is a P.A ? A Personal Assistant, or P.A as the role is commonly known, is a person employed to provide you with the support you need and want. A P.A supports you and your individual needs. Support can be needed across all areas of an individual’s life, which can be grouped into different areas such as:-

We will ensure you make the most of your funds, we make sure your funds are used to meet the best of your needs and wishes.

We work very closely with you and your family and can offer additional support solutions by a government run scheme,

E.S.F Family Support Programme, which can be accessed from our website, a full range of support for you and your family to have more piece of mind.

Having a Personal Assistant and Care

Caring for someone with a disability is not just about ensuring that they are able to get around, have meals cooked, have help with chores and have assistance washing. There is so much more that they may require help when it comes to the administration side of life. We are all aware of how difficult it can be to keep up with bills and paying them on time, form filling, organising benefits and arranging for the carers to attend and this is where an independent Personal Assistant can come in and be of a great benefit to the individual. Form filling is endless for those who are disabled and a PA will complete tasks such as this for them such as conversing with people over the phone which at the best of times may be almost impossible. It is difficult to quantify how much help individuals need but it is known that a helping hand goes a long way to making life a lot simpler.

What can make the whole situation a little more difficult is the fact there is usually a separate Personal Assistant and Carer and this can often make things awkward. Personal Assistants work mainly on the paperwork and have no qualifications or knowledge on the caring side of things, this can cause issues for the person in need. This cause conflicts and neglect when it comes to carers. This is due to the hefty turnover in carers, and it provides no stability for the individual and no genuine care. To overcome this issue it is now possible to hire a homecare company such as westwoodhomecare.co.uk in order to make life easier for the individual. What is offered by Westwoodhomecare.co.uk is a tailored programme that will make sure that the administration side of things are completed to a high standard, ensuring that everything is taken care of. The care for the individual is also taken care of and the individuals needs will be a high priority so that they are given the care that they require on a daily basis. Westwood home care really do think of everything, and we are fully insured to cover ourselves and clients for all eventualities. We ensure the safety of clients by putting each member of staff through a CRB check to make sure that they are suitable to care for individual needs. We can make a real difference to lives and as we act as a kind of middleman between the client and the carers we can help deal with any issues that may arise, this is dealt with professionally using our knowledge and experience.

With the Administration taken care of as well as the care it makes it easier for the individual to relax and forget about the responsibility of arranging everything that they need.

Please call us on 0161 232 7535 or e-mail: support@westwoodhomecare.co.uk to see how we can assist you or for more information.

Our job is simple, it’s to make your life easier.

The Westwood Homecare support team is available for all of our clients and employees 24 hours a day, every day of the year. That's one of many reasons why you can depend on our expert care team for all your home care needs. Call us on the number below, or visit our contact page

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