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Trust & Respect, Care & Compassion, Deliver & Achieve

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Providing professional, experienced care assistance to help you maintain your independence in your own home.
We are here to help in whatever way you need, in a friendly, respectful manner.
You don’t have to go into a care home as we can provide any help that you require in your own home for 1 person or as a couple.

Caring for people with Dementia

Here at Westwood Homecare our aim on a day to day basis is to give our clients the help and support that they need to live a long, healthier and more satisfying life.

What we want to achieve when it comes to dementia care is to ensure that our clients are comfortable and receive the care that they deserve. Dementia is an unpleasant illness that can leave the client in a state of confusion, displeasure and anxious and we try our best to stop this from happening. It is not just the care of the client but we also understand the needs from family and friends as we understand how it feels to watch a friend or a relative succumb to the illness.

What we offer is unique training for all staff so that they know exactly how to deal with clients, they can help them to live as close to a normal life as possible but they are trained to understand and more importantly care. We are flexible and tolerant and staff will always have time to speak and listen to clients to ensure that their wellbeing is good but to also help keep them active mentally as this is important to us.

Dementia severely affects thinking, reasoning and memory but we understand that each and every dementia sufferer still has feelings and this is something we take very seriously. Understanding feelings and offering them time to support them proves invaluable and any concerns that they may have are dealt with openly and quickly so that they can feel safe and comfortable with as little distress as possible.

Please call us on 0161 232 7535 or e-mail us at: support@westwoodhomecare.co.ukto see how we can assist you or for more information.

Our job is simple, it’s to make your life easier.

The Westwood Homecare support team is available for all of our clients and employees 24 hours a day, every day of the year. That's one of many reasons why you can depend on our expert care team for all your home care needs. Call us on the number below, or visit our contact page

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